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Himalayan Memoirs: Gothu-Panwali Pass

Very strenuous hike uphill. It was raining heavily and the forest path was infested with leeches. It was cold and I was soaked to my bones. There were just too many elements to work against: the cold, the rain, the inability to find sound footing, leeches trying to suck our oxygen starved blood and of course the gravity straining the lungs. Just one rule seemed to work in such situations. Whatever happens, don’t stop. Because if one does stop, the elements get you mentally. And once that happens, it will all be downhill from there. After endless climbing, presently the forests cleared and the meadows started. That’s when the first of the valley of flowers could be beheld. Would have been an ideal muse to Williams Wordsworth. The entire valley was covered with thousands of petite delicate flowers, all intricately colored swaying to the gentle mountain breeze. Panwali was supposed to be the place where we are going to stay the night and it was magically perched on top of rolling meadows and offered breath-taking vistas of distant snow clad peaks. Close to the peak, we came across a sadhu who was struggling to climb. He was a mendicant saint walking all the way from varanasi. We helped him with his small baggage. It was extremely cold. Old man tells me the worst is behind us. I needn’t worry as it is all downhill from here. That is until one reaches Gaurikund.


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It feels like fall, though it is prime summer. Should have been the time for feverish activity and unrelenting purpose For I know that this is the last stretch No time for sentimental retch
But there is this nagging feeling again… “Purpose is pointless. Motivation is madness.” When the sky is vast, the breeze is unbridled and the oceans wild, This daily routine is a damnation
There is a kitten in my backyard He looks at me with his damaged eye His loveliness makes me cry I want to caress and hold him nigh.. But even before I do that, I know it is not enough… For it is not just cuteness… It is a dare to dissolve Oh! The bluntness…
It’s been a while since I let a feline friend move me to tears All I want is to flop back to earth And take the maternal embrace of the dirt I want to let the borders of my body dissolve into the top soil I should remember to relax I should remember that I had been here before…
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The Cat

He is a lovely kitten. He is very young, a mere baby. He keeps his eyes closed all the time. And he is out there. From my couch in the living room, I just see a mound of fluff in the middle of my backyard. He curls into his own body. Intermittently his body shudders in the morning cold. I feel a motherly pang within me. I worry: why does he venture out to the open? Why can’t he stay cozy under the bush like his siblings?
He seems to remind me of what is to be done. It seems easy in retrospect to venture unprotected into the cold for the first time. Does it become easier the second time around?
I suddenly become aware of the many things. Like the passing time. Last week, someone suddenly mentions my age. I am also becoming aware of the structures that I have created for myself. Coming from a space of no framework or organization, I was scared that I could not become a proverbial cog in the wheel. And revolting as it sounds, I wanted to be the cog. And I loved the wheel. I could not b…

Being 30

Joey is a man from own heart when he says: "Let the others grow up... Not Me!".
Can't believe I am thirty now. Always thought 30 is something which happens to others..Should have seen this coming along. The other day a new intern joined my team and she kept calling me 'sir'..Didn't give it much thought till i checked out her resume and the kid was born in '93 (That's after the year Roja got released!!!)! Also that day when the kid next door kept sobbing the words"Sorry uncle" to me because his cricket ball landed on my car windshield.
Felt an urgency to do many things in life today. A lot of questions to answer.

Yet the inexorable march of time is exciting. For one, the density of my life's experience in the last few years is keeping me on my toes and i don't want to slack off in any way.

Till now, Life had put me in many unenviable situations. Those moments sometimes make me feel uncomfortable or at worst make me feel ashamed of my…