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Showing posts from April 11, 2013

Here We Go!

Yes where am I really?
Couple of things:
- Sadhguru gave me a new name "Ananth".
- I am no longer a full-time volunteer of Isha.
- I have gone back to being a part-time software coolie with Microsoft in Bangalore.

It has been more than a year since i have shared whats been happening in my life through my blog.
So why did i decide to blog again?
- I love writing.
- I need money. I am running the World 10K Bangalore 2013 run and I have pledged to raise at least 1 lakh INR (around 2000 USD) for Isha Vidhya. I was hoping that i would raise enough money by dedicating each of my post to the highest donor to my cause.
- I occasionally read through some of my older blog posts and I can't help thinking I have come a long way. Ironically the most poignant experiences have not been shared. I was hesitant to share about some of them mainly because of external restraints. Now many of those restraints are gone. Also i feel i owe it to myself to persist those experiences so that I can…