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Himalayan Memoirs: Jai Bhole!

Prelude: After Maamaji and I started walking, I could not write everyday. I started maintaining the journal only after reaching Gomukh.

One of the things that I consciously established with old man was the feeling of peerage. Maamaji was very poor and I think his yearly trek would account for the bulk of his annual expenses. I tried to avoid any way by which he would look at me as a city slicker. The people in the ashram were very excited about our trek. Many came to bless me and offered prayers and well-wishes. Old man nudged me to touch the feet of many of the senior sadhus. I was excited as well. Even though I came to know about the trek only 3 weeks back, I had been doing a lot of hata yoga. Usually 25 surya namaskars and asana practices. And it served me well. My communication with Maamaji was through my questionable Hindi but Maamaji does not really speak Hindi. He speaks Garhwali. As we were leaving the ashram, I decided to…