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Himalyan Memoirs: Bhuda Kedar

Bhaelak-Bhuda Kedar-Vinayak Kal-Baethi Nanda Devi

All the uphill trek we did yesterday seemed to go waste as today was a mad rush downhill. It was raining heavily. The path become extremely slippery. I fell down 3 times. Thankfully none of them were bad falls. Each step was a potential step towards a painful ankle break. We quickly descended into thick forests leaving the rolling meadows of Bhaelak. The physical discomfort and the pain seem to embolden the Garhwalis...The hills were resounding with their warcry: “Har Har Mahadev!”. After 1.5 hours, we came across a lone hut and a goshala which was setup for the pilgrims. I drank curd and it was very good. Old man and his coterie of Garhwali friends seemed to know every resident of every settlement we came across. The lady taking care of the goshala was no exception. Soon we reached a town called Thatti which has the ancient Bhuda Kedar temple. Bhuda kedar literally means the ancient kedar. Legend says that Shiva was originally in…