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Himalayan Memoirs: The Wanderlust

Prelude: The following posts chronicle day 2 and day 3 of trek after leaving Gomukh.. ------------------------------------------------------------ Jhala-Ganganani-Bhatwadi-Lata Saera
The path we were taking till now was mostly on the national highway till Jhala. The first of the many shortcuts we took immediately after Jhala. Climbing mountains is surprisingly easy in the mornings. Literally we sprinted to the top of a mountain called Sukha top. This was where we took our snack. More do’s and don’ts dawned upon me. I was told that when carrying the kavad, one cannot drink water nor eat anything even a candy. In fact there is a certain way by which one relieves himself of the kavad. So this essentially means that he carries the kavad upon himself the whole day as long as he is walking except for the 2 or 3 breaks in the middle. It was because of this that the first parts of my body which started aching were not the legs, rather it was the shoulders. Constantly shifting the weight didn’…