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Himalayan Memoirs: The Summer of Love

They said the world will end in 2012. For me my world ended in 2011. Or so it looked.
2011 is when my stay in Isha Yoga Center became crazily tenable. I was taking classes in Delhi and was having a blast. Rams got married. Shanti from Home School would feed me comfort food whenever i longed for Chocolates/Italian food. I could sit in Ardha Siddhasana for an hour and not realize it! :)
However a variety of circumstances forced me to leave the ashram.
I had too much pride in me to do something which would have made lesser human beings celebrate.
Anyways, I chose to go and live in the Himalayas.
In retrospect, I really don't know how I let myself do it. What I do know is that those 6 months of my life that I spent as a nameless life walking the mountains were my proudest.
There was too much life happening in those 6 months. Too many experiences, too many emotions, too many sensations in my body packed into 6 months. I managed to get some scrap paper and maintain a journal. I wanted …