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Showing posts from October 6, 2014

Get Knocked-up - So that we can stay in business - #AdsThatSuck

There was a time when Hindustan Unilever used to take over YouTube and force everyone to watch this video..What this video is telling is for you to get knocked-up, have lots of children so that Unilever can stay in Business. Marketing is a dirty business. Convincing people to buy something that they might not need is not necessarily a vocation. However when you think you can be one step ahead of the audience and outsmart them is a little unnerving. Somehow i could never get convinced of Unilever's Project Sunshine ads. It smacks of self-reverential goodness. It is like you show cute cats, cuter puppies and then show your product in the hope that people will buy it. It insults one's intelligence.
Sorry maybe i am just cynical but Project Sunlight's #brightfuture just does not cut it.