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Showing posts from August 6, 2015

Meditations on Interstellar - The Revenge of the Nerds

Recently, I have been following Space exploration with some kind of awkward enthusiasm. Reason for the enthusiasm is because I was deeply moved by the movie "Interstellar". Reason for the awkwardness will be dealt with in another blog post. It is not often that you watch a movie which makes you groping in the dark uncharted spaces of your mind. Watching Interstellar filled me with deep wonder about the nature of the universe and such. The closest experience similar to this is perhaps the movie "The Matrix". It is not just the experience of watching the movie but the after taste keeps you ruminating on the many questions that gets explored during the movie.

Christopher Nolan is a genius. He is a master of creating a world. And when you play god and create worlds of your own, you cannot help painting the world with your own ideologies. These prejudices are so clever because they are so subtle. One specific idea that I found fascinating is Nolan's idea of what ro…